What we want to do?

Within the MULTIPLY project we want to identify “forerunner cities”, experienced in integrated urban planning, and “committed cities”, with little experience in this field but strong commitment to take action. Both will be matched for a peer-to-peer learning programme, which should lead to increased capacities of committed cities staff and – eventually -  to a well-designed plan for energy efficient development of a model district. But do not be mistaken! Also committed cities may have many interesting experiences and ideas to share, so the benefits of the exchanges will be mutual.

MULTIPLY step by step:



What we want to achieve?

  • To initiate exchange between excellent forerunners and ambitious committed cities;
  • To activate public authorities by reaching out to decision makers, planning staff and communication staff of municipalities;
  • To enable key actors to empower each other to become drivers of the European energy transition;
  • To overcome barriers hampering making use of the full energy efficiency potential of local territories;
  • To increase awareness of the importance of future-proof, integrated urban development;
  • To disseminate expertise and guidelines concerning implementation of the elements of integrated urban planning.


MULTIPLY in numbers 6 national competitions

42 municipalities involved in peer-to-peer learning

24 committed cities

960 municipal professionals with increased capacities

24 Energy Plans

177 GWh/year of energy savings triggered

80 GW/year of RES produced