Who are committed cities?

Committed cities are those who have the ambition and potential for the implementation of new, integrated urban projects supporting energy efficiency on a municipal or district level but don’t have such experiences yet, focusing so far on more distributed solutions. They already have a clear vision how they want to develop in the long-term but need improved capacities to plan and implement concerted energy efficiency measures. They are willing to learn from the forerunners, testing some of their or coming up with own integrated urban solutions.

What is the role of committed cities?

  • Participation in the peer-to-peer learning scheme and learn from forerunner cities how to apply integrated urban planning in practice
  • Participation in targeted workshops and other project events
  • Development of the comprehensive Plan for energy efficient development of a model district in their territory
  • Sharing their own experience and know how related with sustainable transport, energy and land-use planning projects
  • Engage in exchanges also with other committed cities for the mutual benefit

Meet our committed cities

A number of municipalities from 7 European countries are directly involved in the project, participating in networking and peer-to-peer learning scheme, dedicated trainings and study visits. Here you have the chance to get to know them by clicking on the map and start your journey through descriptions of integrated planning solutions across Europe!