In our MULTIPLY library you can find many interesting documents and links gathered for you by the project partners. The documents include:



Competition questionnaires and set of competition information material

MULTIPLY D1.2 Competition Questionnaires and Set of Competition Information Material 01

This document provides an overview ofthe general approach and rationale of the competition and theconcreteefforts taken by allproject partners to kick-start theirnational competitions. It focuses on the national competition questionnaires and online information material developed, but also briefly sums up all additional efforts. This way, it can serve as a source of inspiration for similar projects. 

Peer-learning plan

Peer Learning Plan homepage 01 MULTIPLY’s P2P learning program aims at increasing the capacities of municipal politicians, technical planning staff and communications representatives of 24 committed cities and of 18 forerunner cities to effectively plan, finance, communicate and implement the energy transition. With increased capacities acquired during the MULTIPLY project will help local authorities to implement the ambitious energy projects within their municipalities and districts. This approach will empower local authorities and decision makers to plan and deliver a successful energy transition with high levels of support by the people. For more, please get familiar with Peer-to-peer learning plan.





Project information materials: