grafika konferencjaOn 13-14 June 2022, a conference organised by the Institute for Sustainable Development entitled 'Energy for Independence - 2050' was held in Warsaw. The purpose of the deliberations during the event was to develop a model for the transformation of Poland's energy and climate system in the face of the requirements of climate policy and the new geopolitical conditions. The conference also aimed to discuss the future National Energy Policy 2050 and the update of the National Energy and Climate Plan 2030, which is planned for 2023.

M1PNEC representatives took part in the World Urban Forum (WUF11), which was organised in Katowice from 26 till 30 of June 2022. The event was an excellent opportunity to learn more about the needs and challenges of cities, especially taking into consideration the main objectives of our organization, which are aspects related to climate change and the need to protect the environment. Active participation in the European Track, dedicated to the a just transformation of cities in the context of global challenges,  made it possible to present the results of the work and good practices gained during the implementation of the three-year MULTIPLY project. It perfectly matched to the objectives of WUF11. The developed and proven solutions, ready for implementation in other cities, thus reached a wider community. The event helped solidify the importance of integrated planning, taking into account aspects of energy, transportation and friendly public space. Also, participation in other numerous panel discussions, lectures, or valuable workshops, including those organized in cooperation with the Danish Embassy, provided the opportunity to expand knowledge and gain new perspectives for further action.

r 1Integrated local action for energy and climate was the topic of the meeting that took place on June 23-24 in Mińsk Mazowiecki. The participants had the opportunity to share their experiences as well as listen to experts’ presentations. A study visit, during which interesting from the perspective of energy and climate management facilities in Mińsk Mazowiecki were visited, was also a part of the event.


At the end of May and the beginning of June 2022, the MULTIPLY project partners, together with representatives of the participating cities, met in Helsingborg, Sweden. On May 31, representatives of the project's partner organizations participated in the last meeting, summarizing the findings achieved in the MULTIPLY project, and then took part in the Urban Future conference and led a special session on integrated urban planning, which at the same time was an opportunity to introduce the results of the last years' work on the MULTIPLY project to a wide audience.

JadwisinotwarcieOver 60 representatives of cities and communes met on May 19 and 20 this year in Jadwisin during the seminar "Inclusive energy transformation and climate protection in cities and municipalities", organized by the Association of Municipalities Polish Network "Energie Cités". Participants had the opportunity to listen to experts, incl. from the Ministry of Climate and Environment and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, and a debate on planning the further development of cities and communes in the context of new energy, geopolitical and social challenges, as well as take part in good practice sessions, conducted in small groups.

Having almost reached the end of Multiply, Legambiente, between the second half of 2021 and the first months of 2022, has decided to travel among the cities participating in the project, in order to monitor the development of actions on environmental sustainability and citizen participation in the political life of their municipalities. During these visits, video interviews were carried out describing not only the results achieved within the project, but also other virtuous actions undertaken by the administrations during the last few years, aimed at improving the quality of life within the community.

Bild Workshop 23.03.22The MULTIPLY project has achieved a new milestone in Austria bringing the topic integrated transport, energy and urban planning one step closer to the municipalities. Between November 2021 and March 2022 Climate Alliance Austria has organized three online workshops for policy makers, municipality representatives and city planners. The goal of the workshops was to promote the benefits of integrated urban planning and to disseminate the tools and info packs developed within the project. 

WSED WelsA poster of the MULTIPLY project was displayed at the World Sustainable Energy Days last week. More than 650 people from all over the world attended the conference in Wels (Austria) and an even higher number of people followed the event online.

The main topics of the conference organized by the OÖ Energiesparverband were energy efficiency, industrial energy efficiency and smart e-mobility. Next year the World Sustainable Energy Days will take place again in Wels.

AdobeStock 109267273Learn from others – participate at the international CEESEN Partnership Conference

At the Central Eastern European Sustainable Energy Network Partnership Conference in May, Zsófia Pej, climate programme leader at Energiaklub Climate Policy Institute will present the experiences and outcomes of MULTIPLY project including valuable good practices and supporting tools that are now available.


GrodziskMaz parkingladThe expansion of the P + R parking infrastructure is to encourage some drivers to resign from cars in favor of collective transport. The ambition of the authorities is to limit the way of traveling that is the least favorable for the functioning of the city. Fewer cars in the city center means less traffic jams, less emissions and less smog in winter.