M1PNEC representatives took part in the World Urban Forum (WUF11), which was organised in Katowice from 26 till 30 of June 2022. The event was an excellent opportunity to learn more about the needs and challenges of cities, especially taking into consideration the main objectives of our organization, which are aspects related to climate change and the need to protect the environment. Active participation in the European Track, dedicated to the a just transformation of cities in the context of global challenges,  made it possible to present the results of the work and good practices gained during the implementation of the three-year MULTIPLY project. It perfectly matched to the objectives of WUF11. The developed and proven solutions, ready for implementation in other cities, thus reached a wider community. The event helped solidify the importance of integrated planning, taking into account aspects of energy, transportation and friendly public space. Also, participation in other numerous panel discussions, lectures, or valuable workshops, including those organized in cooperation with the Danish Embassy, provided the opportunity to expand knowledge and gain new perspectives for further action.

The main goal of the World Urban Forum, held regularly since 2002, is to promote sustainable development and discuss the challenges of modern urbanization. The knowledge and awareness of sustainable urban development can increase during organized workshops, meetings with experts, open debates and panel discussions. This provides an opportunity to link the topics of urban planning, transportation, energy efficiency, or social aspects. This allows the city to be viewed from different perspectives - representatives of authorities, the scientific community, financial institutions or governmental and non-governmental organizations.M4