The aim of MULTIPLY is to encourage local authorities to uptake integrated urban planning measures at district level by engaging them in a peer-to-peer learning programme within which they will be able to share and discuss how to combine elements of sustainable transport, energy and spatial planning to make their cities more climate friendly and comfortable places to live in.

In order to select cities for the exchange programme, national competitions will be launched. They will help to select the most motivated forerunner cities, who already have some important experience in integrated planning, and committed cities, who have ambitions to develop in a more sustainable way heading towards climate neutrality. Both will be matched for a following peer-to-peer learning programme, which shall increase the capacities of municipal politicians and staff to effectively plan, finance, communicate and implement the energy transition.

The peer-to-peer learning programme envisages targeted workshops and exchanges addressing specific needs of involved cities. With increased capacities, 24 committed cities will develop comprehensive plans for energy efficient development of a model district in their territory, being supported in this ambitious endeavour by the forerunners and project partners.

Knowledge gained within the project, as well as all the material and guidelines produced, will be widely disseminated by the consortium to multiply the number of EU municipalities initiating integrated planning projects for improved energy efficiency and citizens comfort.