At the end of May and the beginning of June 2022, the MULTIPLY project partners, together with representatives of the participating cities, met in Helsingborg, Sweden. On May 31, representatives of the project's partner organizations participated in the last meeting, summarizing the findings achieved in the MULTIPLY project, and then took part in the Urban Future conference and led a special session on integrated urban planning, which at the same time was an opportunity to introduce the results of the last years' work on the MULTIPLY project to a wide audience.

Thursday14After more than two years of meetings via online tools, all partners were able to meet in person to summarize more than 3 years of joint work on integrated urban planning. They discussed not only the results developed in the project, but also plans for the future based on the lessons learned.

On the same days, there was the Urban Future conference, a regular international event where local government officials, local leaders, urban planners and researchers share their experiences in improving the quality of life in cities and spread the perspective of social innovation in their transformation. The 2022 conference was held in Helsingborg, a Swedish coastal town overlooking Denmark, which is one of the most innovative and rapidly changing cities in Europe. Participating in a series of meetings, workshop sessions or lectures, was an excellent opportunity for participants to gain valuable knowledge and know-how from enthusiasts of sustainable urban development from around the world.

Thursday12Especially important was the session on integrated urban planning, which was led by representatives of partner organizations, with the participation of invited guests from MULTIPLY participating cities. They shared their experiences of implementing activities in the areas of sustainable mobility, urban planning and energy management.