grafika konferencjaOn 13-14 June 2022, a conference organised by the Institute for Sustainable Development entitled 'Energy for Independence - 2050' was held in Warsaw. The purpose of the deliberations during the event was to develop a model for the transformation of Poland's energy and climate system in the face of the requirements of climate policy and the new geopolitical conditions. The conference also aimed to discuss the future National Energy Policy 2050 and the update of the National Energy and Climate Plan 2030, which is planned for 2023.

Points of reference in the debate were:

  • Consequences of the Paris Agreement;
  • European Green Deal records;
  • Discussions held on the implementation of the Fit for 55 package;
  • IPCC raport pt. “Summary for Policymakers of Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability”.

screenPatrycja Płonka, project manager at the Association of Municipalities Polish Network "Energie Cités", talked in her presentation "The role and importance of cities in the energy transition" about how the position of local authorities in the previously mentioned strategic documents should be strengthened. She also shared with conference participants the results and lessons learned from the MULTIPLY project, which aims to disseminate the implementation of integrated urban planning.

The conclusions collected will be forwarded to the ministries responsible for the preparation of these strategic documents, as well as to institutions and organisations interested in the above topics. We encourage you to read the materials from this event on the dedicated page on 'Energy for Independence'.