GrodziskMaz parkingladThe expansion of the P + R parking infrastructure is to encourage some drivers to resign from cars in favor of collective transport. The ambition of the authorities is to limit the way of traveling that is the least favorable for the functioning of the city. Fewer cars in the city center means less traffic jams, less emissions and less smog in winter.

The new P + R car park, built at Traugutta Street, can accommodate 60 cars. In the parking lot there is also a shelter for 46 bicycles and 2 electric bike charging stations. Next to the parking spaces, small architecture, greenery and lighting were built. The Grodziski City Bike station will also be located in the immediate vicinity of the car park. As a result, drivers will be able to move from the P + R parking lot not only by public transport, but also by bicycle.

There are already several P + R car parks in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, including a four-storey one at Żydowska Street, in the vicinity of the railway station. 296 parking spaces are available there. The car park is equipped with a modern notification system informing about the occupancy of places and two electric car charging stations. Right next to the parking lot there is a bicycle station where you can rent a city bike.

Construction of a car park at Traugutta Street was implemented as part of the project: "Improving air quality in the ZIT WOF through the construction of parking lots" Park and Ride ". The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the ROP WM 2014-2020.