National award ceremonies for forerunner and special award-winning cities

The ceremonies were created as the opportunity to award the winners of the competition and promote their achievements in the field of integrated urban planning. In this way, the MULTIPLY project and its further activities have been further recognised.

Exchange visits to forerunner cities and thematic workshops

During exchange visits to the forerunner cities, the staff from the committed cities discovered model solutions for integrated urban planning and engaged in an intensive exchange with relevant staff. Each of the exchange visits was targeted at one of our three main target groups.

  • Policy makers – topics covered: finance tools and political communication for energy efficiency projects
  • Technical planning staff – topics covered: technical details of integrated district energy concepts, energy efficient buildings, transport systems, and land-use planning, cross-sectoral integration
  • Communication and PR staff – topics covered: effective communication strategies, participatory planning approaches.

Targeted workshops for key actors of municipal planning

The workshops helped to pass on knowledge about forerunner cities projects and committed cities Energy Plans, as well as to spread information about integrated urban planning. They empowered municipal authorities and encourage the multiplication of energy efficient districts across Europe.