With the 1st of December 2018 we have officially started the implementation of MULTIPLY aiming to encourage public authorities to uptake integrated urban planning at district level through a dedicated peer-to-peer learning programme. Within the next months we’re planning to organise a competition for forerunner and committed cities, who will be matched for the knowledge transfer. Committed cities will learn more on the practical implementation of integrated transport, energy and land-use planning solutions, which help to make use of the full energy saving potential of the district and – at the same time – make them comfortable places to live in. As a result of the intensive peer-to-peer exchanges the committed cities will develop plans for the energy efficient development of a model district in their territory. Also, the overall MULTIPLY experience will be widely disseminated (among others in a form of a European guidebook on integrated urban planning) to encourage other EU municipalities to follow and take concerted action towards energy transition.