Who are forerunners?

As forerunners qualify municipalities who already tested and implemented integrated planning solutions, either on a municipal or a district level, and already have some interesting experiences and results to share. By integrated solutions we mean solutions combining elements of:

  • sustainable energy planning (e.g. implementing local regulations supporting energy efficient construction and RES development, implementation of comprehensive refurbishment programmes),
  • sustainable transport and mobility (e.g. implementing solutions reducing motorized individual traffic, development of cycling infrastructure)
  • sustainable land-use planning (e.g. development of blue and green infrastructure, ensuring access/proximity to basic goods and services of daily needs)

 to reach the overall goal of energy efficiency and creating liveable place for the citizens.

What do we expect from forerunners?

  • To engage in the peer-to-peer learning scheme and share their expertise and experience with committed cities, willing to follow their example;
  • To take part in targeted workshops and other project events;
  • To help us in gathering model solutions and guidelines for integrated urban planning that could be used also by other cities willing to contribute to the European energy transitions
  • To engage in exchanges also with other forerunners for the mutual benefit and increasing own knowledge and capacities.